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In 2012, Vermont's legislature unaminously passed Act 148, the Universal Recycling and Composting Law. For 10 years prior to the law, VT's recycling rates stagnated between 30-36%. This law recognizes that many of the materials we landfill, including recyclable items, leaf and yard debris, and organic materials like food waste, could be kept out of our trash and put to better use.

The video highlights some of the important reasons why VT enacted this progressive law. Remember, there will be no "trash police", we simply hope that with the correct information, VT residents will know they are making positive choices for their community, family, and our shared future when we reduce, reuse, recycle, and compost.

Act 148 Timeline In VT, we want to conserve space in landfills while decreasing the greenhouse gas emissions generated by our waste disposal strategies.

This landfill analysis from 2013 demonstrates what types of materials Vermont businesses and residents dispose in the trash. The NEKWMD assists communities with recycling and composting services to decrease our reliance on landfill disposal. Browse through our information and resources in the Quick Links to learn about the services provided in your community.

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