We are Located at 224 Church St. Lyndonville, VT 05851
Phone # 802-626-3532 or 1-800-734-4602
Residential Recycling hours are Wed. 8:00am - 4:00pm & Sat. 8:00am - 3:00pm
*UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE The Recycling Center will be closed every Tues. and Thurs.*

The NEKWMD has many resouces to help your business or community event be in compliance with VT's Universal Recycling and Composting law.

All VT businesses must ensure proper disposal of all materials banned from landfill disposal. Businesses can work directly with waste haulers that can offer recycling disposal services for all mandated recyclables. Businesses are also able to dispose of mandated recyclables at the Lyndonville Recycling Center free of charge, please call our office at 802-626-3532 for more information about appropriate drop-off times.

Starting July 1, 2020, all VT businesses will be mandated to divert food scraps from the trash.
First and foremost, businesses are encouraged to identify ways to reduce food waste with source reduction methods such as tracking inventory, providing smaller portions, and reducing waste associated with prep.
Second, businesses are encouraged to identify food that can be donated to local food shelves or livestock, see guidance on Food Donation and Feeding Swine in the Document Table to the right.
Lastly, any food that cannot be donated or givent o livestock can be composted. A list of Food Scrap Haulers can be found in the Document Table to the right.
Options for food disposal

The NEKWMD has resources to help your community event divert mandatory recyclables and food scraps!
Call our Lyndonville office at 626-3532 to ask about the technical assistance and resources we offer to allow participants at your community event to dispose of materials properly. We can review:
-The Universal Recycling and Composting Law, and how to ensure your event complies with the law (*Especially important for events on publicly-owned property),
-How to establish waste stations that promote proper sorting of materials,
-Reources, such as collection bins, totes, and signs, that the NEKWMD can offer your event,
-And more!